23 Up-To-Date Topics For A High School Argument Essay

The instructions to write an argumentative essay are aimed at testing your grasp of facts about the subject and your ability to explain them. You are also required to support your stand with facts while disapproving what your opponents claim. To make your paper more interesting to read, it is recommended that you choose the controversial topic. Here are excellent topics to consider for argumentative writing, unless you want to pay for essays.

  1. Abortion should be allowed in some instances
  2. The use of animals in conducting experiments is against their rights
  3. The increase in breast cancer cases is as a result of deodorants and chemical cosmetics
  4. America should allow free movement of immigrants, after all it is a land for the free
  5. The pharmaceutical industry makes profit from the peril of the poor
  6. Couples should not be allowed to adopt non-American babies
  7. Death penalty is against the very principle of right to life
  8. Who is to blame when plastic surgery goes wrong?
  9. Human trafficking as a form of formal trade
  10. Genetic cloning should be banned and not funded using public money
  11. When social media makes people more anti-social
  12. The damaging psychological effect of gaming
  13. Robots will never exist without human beings
  14. People should have the right to hide their identities online just like in the house
  15. Web filters in school should be relaxed
  16. Computer games should be banned as a mode of instruction
  17. Reality TV is just a way of stereotyping
  18. Commercials are to blame for low self esteem among ladies
  19. Music is hard work and not a talent
  20. Violent video games are to blame for an increase in school shootings incidences
  21. The Nobel Prize has lost its meaning
  22. Women and men should never claim equality
  23. It is unethical to spy on other nations

The choice of topic for your essay should consider several factors.

Is the topic relevant to your area of study and the society at large? This ensures that your paper adds value to the world of academics and provides an answer to an existing social dilemma.

It the topic specific? It should set clear boundaries to avoid ambiguity. Being specific allows you to discuss the details of the topic conclusively.

It is fresh? People are interested in learning something new as opposed to regurgitating old materials with nothing new to learn.