Main criteria of a great outline for an essay

It is recommended that every essay writing process should first involve preparation. The writer has to do a number of things in order to prove himself or herself fit to set off. Among other things, drafting an outline is important. It is however saddening that a good number of people have no idea on how to design a proper outline plan. The following hints should guide you.

  • Read instructions and understand
    The only way you will; be sure of the question is by reading through the instructions. These give you a specific direction that you need to follow in order to meet the teacher’s demands. Some people tend to ignore this but you should not be among them. Always set your mind to understand what is needed in the paper and then you will craft a really good outline for essay. This sets for you a pace and should there be anything that requires clarification, your teacher can help you comprehend it.
  • Get to the study table
    It is impossible to brainstorm or even create an outline if you have not read books and understood the topic. First, you need to know what to read for and then you can go and get books and other materials that contain that specific information. As a good student, you should never get to the study table if you do not have somewhere to jot down the notes.
  • Brainstorming
    This is an essential element of drafting an effective outline. However, you should not misuse this opportunity to duplicate the entire source. From a given chapter, you only need to pick some of the important points that the author gives regarding the subject. In some incidences, there may be no significant information.
  • Sample your points
    This may sound weird but it is one of the greatest steps of completing your plan for the essay. You have all the information you require and now, you simply have to focus on the points and sort them out appropriately. Those that are irrelevant should not be included. Be sure to select important points and also have some back up details.