Splendid selection of narrative essay topics for high school

Are you still in high school and want to lead your class? Obviously, nobody would dare say no. High school students should always be ready to handle any topic suggested by their instructors. The most devastating thing is selecting good essay topics. If you want to perform excellently, this is one of the things you really need to put much of your efforts. It costs nothing.

  • Characteristics to look for in a topic
    The best way of learning how to select noteworthy topics if first mastering the little things that grab people’s attention. These have clearly explained below.
  • Fascinating topics
    Every essay topic has to be fascinating. Even though this is the standard requirement, there are many students who never get concerned. All they do is carelessly select essay topics for narrative that no one wants to see. Is it appealing, or does it make you feel curious? If you do not know what to do, simply ask yourself these simple questions. They can lead you into the right direction.
  • Simple to understand
    This does not necessarily mean you choose a plain topic or one that is deep down to earth. All that this statement means is that, you should not be too complicated since this can only make matters worse. You want to pick or formulate a topic that anyone can apprehend and not just you alone. To prove this, ask yourself this simple question: Do people around you complain of misunderstanding any vocabulary used in the topic? If the answer is yes, then you have got to do something and sort out the problem.
  • Target the right audience
    Your choice of topic also matters to your readers. There are various groups of people that your work can address. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether you are addressing high school students, tertiary students or even professionals. Do not pick on anything below your standards.

The following are examples of narrative essay topics that have been used before and approved by professionals to be perfect for any student.

  1. How I met my second girlfriend in school.
  2. How I survived a tragic accident with my parents.
  3. My first time to get one thousand dollars.
  4. How my father and I got attacked by a lion a nearby forest.
  5. How I beat two students who tried to rob me while coming from school.
  6. My first time to score 100% in class.
  7. How I scored a zero in Mathematics for the first time.
  8. How my friend and I got lost on our first day to the city.
  9. Why my mother dislikes lazy students.
  10. How I ended my relationship with my first girlfriend and became single for the first time.