How To Make Your Essay Writing An Easy Process?

Essay writing does not need to be a stressful. In fact, just knowing a few simple tips will make your projects easier to complete. With a little practice, you will can learn to write papers that your instructor will enjoy reading and you will enjoy receiving back with great grades on them. What you need to understand is that every formal essay is constructed in the same way, so all you need to change is the content of the project you are writing.

Three Distinct Requirements

Each academic writing project has three main parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Some specialized papers will have other parts, like table of contents, abstracts, and appendices; your instructor will tell you if you need those. The introduction and conclusion act as bookends for the body of the paper. The body includes the meat of the paper where you support your thesis and include your sources. Each of the three parts have specific things that need to be included.

Writing the Introduction

The introduction requires three pieces and two of those can be of varying length. Whatever you decide to do with the first two, the last part needs to be only one sentence. The thesis statement is the last sentence of the introduction; that sentence is the main idea of the entire paper. The other two pieces of the introduction are the hook and the bridge. If you prefer writing essays online pay close attention to this part.

Crafting the Hook

The hook is the part of the essay where you write something interesting to get the reader’s attention. There are several techniques that can be used for the hook. They include, but are not limited to, using a quote from a famous person, asking three rhetorical questions, or writing a brief anecdote. To make your paper writing simple, you should pick a favorite technique and use it with every essay you write.

The Bridge and Thesis

The middle part of the introduction is the bridge. This section of the paragraph needs to have a few sentences that tie the hook to the thesis. It should not directly address the reader or do anything cliche; it simply provides a brief explanation of the hook and how it fits with the topic of the paper. Once you have the hook and bridge, you close off of the paragraph with the thesis.

Write the Body

The body of the paper will need to be several paragraphs in length. Each paragraph will include the same three things, but with different pieces of content and different sources. The first sentence of each body paragraph should be a topic sentence that directly connects back to the thesis. After that the following sentences that relate to the topic sentence should be written in a particular order. You should write an example that relates to the topic sentence and then an explanation in your own words. The example can be a quote or paraphrase, or general knowledge. Then, the explanation should be your own words, showing how the example ties into the main idea of the essay. You should repeat this two or three times in each paragraph, depending on the required length of the paper.

End with a Strong Conclusion

After you have written several paragraphs, you complete the essay with the conclusion. This paragraph is like the introduction, only written in reverse order. So, you begin the conclusion with a restatement of the thesis - written in new words. Then, you write a bridge that contains a restatement of the main ideas of the paper. Finally, you get to be creative with the ending. You can reconnection with the hook you wrote, or you can suggest a call to action for the reader.